All Of Them

In the traditional fitness (or globo gym if you like) industry, the common question is asked, "what muscles are you using?"  You have your back and biceps day, your legs and abbs workout and even the tricep/shoulder session.  This is all well and good and it is fantastic if that's what works for you.  A workout like the one that was programmed today, it would be hard to say what kind of muscle group day this was.  Maybe a more pertinent question would be, "what muscles didn't you use?"


5 Rounds:
5 Bench Press
5 Box Jump (from a standstill, no step or pre-hop)
500 meter row (call you shot)
* "call your shot" means before the workout, go for it and take an aggressive guess on the 500m time you'll be able to beat.  Your options are in 5 second increments, e.g. you can choose 2:00, 2:05, 2:10 etc.  Score number of times you beat your time.

Human Objects

Crossfit defines weightlifting as movements where you are manipulating an external object.  This external object can be anything, even a Chase Brady.


With a partner: Partners each do 4 intervals of each Tabata
Tabata med-ball sit ups (10/12) 
30 sec. rest
Tabata high knees - other partner holds med-ball waist high for knee target
30 sec. rest
Tabata med-ball burpees (10/12) - partner holds hands above head for med-ball target at top of burpee
30 sec. rest
Tabata Russian KBSs (35/53) - 
30 sec rest
Tabata Prowler pull - Partner sits on sled. Puller uses elastic bands to pull. 1 rep every 3 meters.
Score equals team's total reps.