What's Up Pahtner

Can you guess who's up there??

Not sure what's going on here, but I like it.  Can anyone explain??


3 Rounds:
3 Bench Press
2 Legless Rope Climbs
*Each round is every 3 minutes

For time - 1 person working at a time.
Partner #1: 5 pt suicide
Partner #2: 5 pt suicide
60 DB lunges (35/25lb)
40 toe to bar
Repeat suicides
50 DB lunges
30 toe to bar
Repeat suicides
40 DB lunges
25 toe to bar
Repeat suicides
30 DB lunges
20 toe to bar
Repeat suicides
20 DB lunges
10 toe to bar

Weightlifting Seminar This Weekend!

The Strength Specific Seminar guys are coming this Saturday and lucky us, the bronze or level 1 requirement has been lifted, so get in there and sign up before it's too late!  


Same crew, different angle.


.1-1-1 Hang Power Clean, into Max Effort (as many reps as possible) of Front Squat

5 Rounds:
1st Minute:  5 Deadlift (185/275lb) 5 Burpee Over Bar
2nd Minute: 7 Wall Ball (20/14lb) 7 Pull Up
3rd Minute: Calorie Row (15/12)

Looks Like Fun

If this doesn't look like fun I don't know what does!


For time, teams of four complete 160 reps of box jumps (40 reps on a 30" box, a 24" box, a 20" box, and a 14" box), 160 reps of ball slams (40 reps using a 40# ball, a 30# ball, a 20# ball, and a 10# ball), 160 reps of push press (40 reps of 40# dumbbells, 30# DBs, 20# DBs, and 10# DBs), 160 reps of weighted lunges (40 reps of 45# DBs, 35# DBs, 25# DBs, and 15# DBs), and 160 calories rowing (40 calories on a rower with a thick resistance band, 40 cals on a rower with a medium resistance band, 40 cals on a rower with a thin resistance band, and 40 on a rower with no resistance band). Teammates must stop what they are doing after every 20 reps completed and do 20 double unders before continuing. It doesn't matter who on each team completes the reps on each piece of equipment.