Are You One Of Those?

Have you ever run into anyone outside the gym who said, oh you're one of the ones who's always running up and down research park drive.  If you haven't, you probably will at some point.  Running on research park drive has been a part of Crossfit since the beginning at HQ.  The only difference now is that our runs go the other way.   We've made it work with all the cars over the years with what I'd say is a respectful human/automobile relationship.  Just remember to look both ways and share the road ;)


3 Rounds:
3 minute AMRAP:
10 deadlift (185/115lb)
5 burpee box jump
- 1 minute rest -
5 minute CAP:
800 meter run
15 hang power snatch (65/95lb)
- 1 minute rest - 

What's Your Interpretation?

When you hear "knees out", how do you interpret and then apply that cue?  Do you simply think push your left and right knees to the left and right respectively.  Or do you think wind or rotate your knees out while staying grounded in your feet?  The latter is what we mean when we say knees out.  We want you to think about it as a rotational movement (transverse plane) and not a left to right or sagittal plane movement.  Staying flat-footed (it can help to focus on the big toe here), wind or rotate your knees out.  This twisting motion with anchored feet produces significantly more force through the hip, creating a more safe and effective bottom of squat position.  
Shana, Arthur and Marilyn this morning at 8am working on just that.


5 Rounds:
90 seconds to get a set of 10 heavy dumbbell thrusters
90 seconds to get 3 bar muscle ups

For time:
100 double unders
500 meter row
50 double unders