25 minutes - As many rounds as possible - mandatory 1 minute rest between rounds -
Each round consists of three different movements with 30 reps of the first, 15 reps of the second, and 5 reps of the third. They can choose from the following six movements: Wall balls (14/20), power cleans (93/135), KBSs (35/53), double unders, row (calories), and box jumps (20"/24"). For the first movement (30 reps) of each round the athlete must choose a movement that has not been used for a previous round. After 6 rounds, and all movements have been used for 30 reps, they can reuse a previous movement for 30 reps. They can repeat movements for the 15 and 5 rep sets however they like. The score is total reps completed (50/round)


Leanna, in a moment of weightlessness.


5 Rounds -  Each round is 5 minutes - Running clock
Round 1: 800 meter run for time
Round 2: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 1 Rope Climb & 10 Jumping Lunges
Round 3: 400 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 1 Rope Climb 15 Sit Ups
Round 4: 400 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 10 Jumping Lunges & 15 Sit Ups
Round 5: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 1 Rope Climb, 10 Jumping Lunges and 15 Sit Ups

Stand It Up And Squeeze Your Butt

It's simple, but commonly overlooked and sometimes missed.  That is standing the deadlift all the way up with shoulders behind the bar, hips and knees fully extended, as Angi shows us here.

A slightly more personal view of one of the most impressive clean and jerks of all time.
Pretty neat the crowed doesn't freak out until he finishes the lift with the bar controlled overhead feet underneath him.  Knowledgeable fans.


Deadlift - Work up to a heavy set of 4 or 4RM

10 Front Squat (125/195lb)
4 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
8 Front Squat (125/195lb)
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
6 Front Squat (125/195lb)

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
4 Front Squat (125/195lb)

16 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
2 Front Squat (125/195lb)

20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


A few pictures from tonights action.

Ilya Ilyin is undefeated as a weightlifter.  As a 94kg lifer he has two Olympic gold medals and two world championships, and as an 85kg lifter one World Championship.  He moved up a weight class to 105kg for this years World Championships in his home country of Kazakhstan.  This years medals came down the very end where 4 world record attempts were lined up in the clean and jerk to see who would take the gold.  Ilya was first and missed the 239kg world record clean and jerk (525 pounds) to put him in second place.  Ruslan Nurudinov of Uzbekistan was next for the world record, and he smoked it, putting him in 1st for the total by 3 kilos ahead of Ilya!  Next was the Russian David Bedzhanyan,  who although was not in the running for the overall total gold, the world record that was just beat by the Ruslan, was his own!  After actually missing 236kg on his previous lift, the Russian wanted his record back and nailed it at 240kg! giving Ruslan about 45 seconds of world record glory.  And then there was Ilya, who in order to win had to up the clean and jerk to 242 kilos!  3 kilos more than the previous world record and 9 kilos more than his previous make, which is also a competition match PR!  The undefeated man would remain just that, unbeatable!  He went up to the bar with confidence beaming, 100 percent committed, like he's done a million times before, and handled it!!! 
The sport of weightlifting is incredible.  It may not be that popular amongst other sports in the U.S., but similar to surfing and Kelly Slater (if there were waves throughout the US Kelly Slater would be unarguably the best athlete of all time, way ahead of Michael Jordan), weightlifting may right now have one of not the best weightlifters ever, but maybe one of the best athletes of all time in Ilya Ilyin.
Below is the entire 105 competition and Ilya's historical 242kg clean and jerk in slow-mo by Hook Grip.


2 Bench Press EMOM for 9 minutes

3 Rounds:
2 minute AMRAP:
5 DB Hang Power Clean (35/50lb)
5 DB Push Press
5 Box Jump (24/30in)
1 minute rest
1 minute calorie row
2 minute rest

Throwdown Update!

Super cool shot of Noreen from a couple weeks ago.
Throwdown update, 30 muscle ups instead of 40 for the "Chip Away" workout.

Turkey Throwdown! 
Workouts, Standards and Rules

“Let’s Hang”
Event 1:
RX division:
40 Hang Cleans (185/115lb)
30 Hang Cleans (205/125lb)
20 Hang Cleans (225/135lb)
* 7 minute Cap

Open division:
40 Hang Cleans (115/75lb)
30 Hang Cleans (135/85lb)
20 Hang Cleans (155/95lb)
* 7 minute Cap

Masters division:
40 Hang Cleans (85/63lb)
30 Hang Cleans (95/73lb)
20 Hang Cleans (115/83lb)
* 7 minute Cap

- Both male and female pairs must complete required reps (equal half) at first two weights (round of 30 and 40 reps) before advancing to the next weight.  Within male and females pairs, reps can be split as desired.
- At the last weight the required reps can be split between the two barbells in any fashion the team chooses (or even all on one barbell).

-Every rep must start from the hang. You cannot clean the first rep from the floor.
-You cannot hang power clean and stand the bar up and then front squat, but you can hang power clean, pause and ride down in the front squat.  See video below.

“Chip It Away”
Event 2:
RX division:
30 Muscle ups
100 wall balls (20/14lb) (11/10ft)
100 box jump overs (24/20in - must jump with two foot takeoff)
100 DB shoulder to overhead (50/35lb)
100 cal row
* 20 minute CAP

Open Division:
100 wall balls (20/14lb) (10/9ft)
100 box jumps overs (24/20in)
100 pull ups
100 DB shoulder to overhead (35/25lb)
100 cal row
* 20 minute CAP

80 wall balls (20/14lb) (10/9ft)
80 box jump overs (24/20in)
80 pull ups
80 shoulder to overhead (30/20lb)
80 cal row
* 20 minute CAP

-One teammate works at a time; one gent and one lady on the floor at any given time.
-On every movement except for the Muscle Up teams must alternate work in a Jack and Jill fashion.
-Same gender substitutions.  Substitutions must be done in designated rest area.
-Each RX team will be given ONE pair of rings. There will be boxes for those that need.

-Muscle Up: Arms extended with feet off the ground at the start of each rep. Must pass through the dip (no uprises). Full lockout at the top of each rep with a split second pause with shoulders over hands; you may not lockout as you fall into next rep.
-Wall Ball: Full depth squat and ball must clear given mark for every rep.
-Box Jump Over: Both feet must leave the ground at the same time. You can jump on the box and then go over, OR clear the box. You can jump laterally or straight forward. No need for hip extension on top of the box.
-Pull Ups: Each rep must start with fully extended arm and finish with chin clearly above the bar.
-Dumbbell Shoulder to OH: DB’s must start touching both shoulders and finish with full lockout of arms and legs.
-Calorie Row: Go for broke!

Event 3:


20 minute AMRAP:
400 meter run
Max Effort Wall Ball
Max Effort Toe To Bar