Partner Ladder

Leanna and Collette working through today's partner ladder.


Teams of 2 have 25 minutes to each complete 30 back squats (135/185), then 30 shoulder press (65/95), then 30 dead lifts (155/225). Only one person working on the barbell at a time. The other athlete can be working toward a shared box jump/push up ladder: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, ...etc. once both athletes have finished their reps of back squats, press, and deadlift they can both work on the ladder until the 25 minutes has expired. The score is how far they progress on the ladder.


We had EIGHT Masters athletes qualify for the second stage of competition towards the Crossfit Games.; Stephanie, Marshall, Kevin, John, Skip, Kelly, Priscilla and Debbie. This weekend they are doing the 4 Masters Qualifier workouts which consist of some of the toughest movements in Crossfit. Please join me in wishing them luck and telling them how extremely proud we all are of their achievements thus far. They have shown amazing mental and physical strength, grace, and grit! Thanks to everyone who hung out today and cheered them on and helped us out. (Second photo)


4 Rounds:
2 min AMRAP: Lateral jump Burpee
2 min AMRAP: 5 Toes to Bar/10 DB Push Press (35/25#)
2 min AMRAP: Calorie Row
2 min Rest