Bella watching on as Leanna and Lacy go through the difficult prowler portion of the workout.


Work up to 5RM weighted pull up in the pull up and dip in four sets.
Then, 5 weighted pull ups at 80% 5RM, right into max effort body weight dip.
Then, 5 weighted dips at 80% 5RM, right into max effort body weight pull up.

12 minute AMRAP - partner workout:
2 minutes: Prowler Push (180/90lb) - high handles one way, low handles back
2 minutes: Rope Climb
*one person working at a time


What a shot.  What it's all about right here, teen Open competitors Christian and Chase.



5 Rounds with a partner of:
2 minute AMRAP, partners alternate doing movements, 5 reps each, successively down the list of the following  nine movements: wall balls (14/20), burpees, KBS (35/53), ball slams (20/30), box jumps (20/24), hang power clean (53/75), overhead squat (53/75), push press (53/75), and pull ups. 
Rest 1 minute.
As a team, using one rowing machine, row for max calories in 2 minutes.
Rest 1 minute.
They will have two scores. One point each for every movement that they complete 5 reps and then their total calories rowed.