Thank You

What a great day we had Saturday at the Turkey Throwdown with CF Ready!  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  Thank you volunteers, participants, spectators, Daniel and Annie, Taco guys and whoever brought all the beer.  Definitely another one coming beginning of 2015, before the start of The Open, so keep your eyes and ears out!
Here are a few shots from this weekends action.

Thanksgiving Schedule:
Classes at 8 and 9:30am ONLY


9 x 2 Snatch
*First 6 sets are EMOM
*Last three sets are every 90 seconds.



25 minutes - As many rounds as possible - mandatory 1 minute rest between rounds -
Each round consists of three different movements with 30 reps of the first, 15 reps of the second, and 5 reps of the third. They can choose from the following six movements: Wall balls (14/20), power cleans (93/135), KBSs (35/53), double unders, row (calories), and box jumps (20"/24"). For the first movement (30 reps) of each round the athlete must choose a movement that has not been used for a previous round. After 6 rounds, and all movements have been used for 30 reps, they can reuse a previous movement for 30 reps. They can repeat movements for the 15 and 5 rep sets however they like. The score is total reps completed (50/round)


Leanna, in a moment of weightlessness.


5 Rounds -  Each round is 5 minutes - Running clock
Round 1: 800 meter run for time
Round 2: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 1 Rope Climb & 10 Jumping Lunges
Round 3: 400 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 1 Rope Climb 15 Sit Ups
Round 4: 400 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 10 Jumping Lunges & 15 Sit Ups
Round 5: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: 1 Rope Climb, 10 Jumping Lunges and 15 Sit Ups

Stand It Up And Squeeze Your Butt

It's simple, but commonly overlooked and sometimes missed.  That is standing the deadlift all the way up with shoulders behind the bar, hips and knees fully extended, as Angi shows us here.

A slightly more personal view of one of the most impressive clean and jerks of all time.
Pretty neat the crowed doesn't freak out until he finishes the lift with the bar controlled overhead feet underneath him.  Knowledgeable fans.


Deadlift - Work up to a heavy set of 4 or 4RM

10 Front Squat (125/195lb)
4 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
8 Front Squat (125/195lb)
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
6 Front Squat (125/195lb)

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
4 Front Squat (125/195lb)

16 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
2 Front Squat (125/195lb)

20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups