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This is a photo of Melissa receiving the bar in her clean, from this position she rides the bar down nice and controlled into her front squat.  The little lift of her hair tells you she is going down with the bar, absorbing some of its force.

First First Friday (Sept 4th), 6pm Beer 30.  Ask around, talk it up!


20 minutes to work up to a heavy single in the clean and jerk

5 minute AMRAP:
4 Deadlift (205/315lb)
6 Burpee Over Bar
- 2 minute rest - 
5 minute AMRAP:
7 Deadlift (155/225lb)
8 Burpee

The First First Friday

Stealing the catchy term "First Friday," the first Friday of September and every month following we are going to pick a spot in town to go out and have some choice beverages with your gym family!  This Friday will be at Beer 30 (2504 south main street, soquel), 6pm.
Shout out to for the idea!  Check them out if you're ever in Pennsylvania, they have a great facility.


Everyone begins at the same time and continues working until the first person completes 50 reps of the first movement. Their score for that set is the number of reps they have completed at the moment the first person completes their 50th rep. Then everyone rests for 1 minute.  This is repeated for all of the five following movements: KBSs (35/53), double unders, sit ups, thrusters (25/35# DBs), and mountain climbers.  After a 2 minute rest the above is repeated except the rep target for the races are 30 reps and the rests are 45 second between movements.  After another 2 minute rest the process is repeated with a rep target of 10 reps with rests of 10 seconds. Their score is the sum total of reps for all of the rounds (450 max).