The 2015 Crossfit Open!

The Open this year is going to be very different.  In summary, there is a lot more potential to include a lot more people.  Not only is there the Masters divisions we know about, but also now there are teen and scaled categories.  If you've ever thought about registering for The Open, but may have been tentative due to the challenging workouts, it appears this year will be a lot more applicable to a wider range of fitness levels.  Check this video out where Castro explains a bit about the scaled division.


10 Rounds - EMOM:
1st Minute:  Prowler Push (180/270lb)
2nd Minute: KBS (10 @ 53/70lb for first 5 rounds) (18 @ 35/53lb for next 5 rounds)
3rd Minute: Calorie Row (9/12 for first 5 rounds, 12/15 for last five rounds)

Todays Highlights!

Little highlight reel from todays action.  First we have Dave one day before his 74th birthday pushing 375 pounds on the prowler!!

 Next we have Kim Byers who has been getting really strong lately in her pull.  Here she is on her 5th no-footed rope climb, getting very close to the top!  Let's not overlook how impressive this is for anyone to climb any distance up a rope without feet!

Lastly we have Kaylie stealing the show with her Lsit/leg shwoop maneuver.


5 Rounds:
3 Bench Press
1 Challenging Rope Climb
*each set every 3 minutes

5 Rounds:
9 Burpee Pull Ups
200 meter run
- each round is every three minutes and for time.