The best part of the holidays is family--be it "blood" family or those that we just call family. (Food is a close second, but being with family still takes the cake for me.) It's been so fun to see all of the extended family that you all have brought into the gym with you over this Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for sharing your family with ours! 
Here is a shot of Alison and her daughter during the Thanksgiving workout.


5k Run


2 Hunds

Annie has put in a lot of work over the years.  The PR's don't come as often as they used to (I know you can PR every day with variance, but we're talking main lifts here), but that is exactly how it is when you get to an elite level.  At first we all experience PR's by the boatload, this is the novice phase.  We enjoy these noticeable gains for quite some time, even partly through the intermediate stage.  If you keep training and progressing, you'll get to a point where you're not getting those PR's as often; you may then be in the advanced group.  If you're training properly, the work is always shocking the system and pushing gains, it is just not as clear as it once was in the earlier stages of training.  Then every once and a while, you'll start taking down some old numbers.  Annie recently has been throwing around 200 pounds in all kind of ways.  Here she is with a little jerk complex double and an overhead squat PR.
*If you're interested in these different phases of training (novice, intermediate, advanced etc.), check out Mark Rippetoes Practical Programming, superb book on training.


Press in the split 3 x 5. 
Clean (squat) + Front Squat + Split Jerk - 15 min to work up to heavy set

10 minute ladder:
2 thruster (73/115)
2 rope climb
10 double under
4 thruster (73/115)
2 rope climb
20 double under
6 thruster (73/115)
2 rope climb
30 double under...