Warm Ups

The importance of a good warm up cannot be understated. Not only will a good warm up get blood flow going, and get muscles and joints ready for more rigorous activity, but it will get the brain ready as well. This is especially key when doing more complex movements like gymnastics and Olympic lifting. Logan did a creative warm up Saturday morning that showed how good AND fun warming up can be! (click photo)


5-7 Sets:
2 Hang Snatch (Above the Knee)

3 Rounds: (each round is every 4 minutes)
(with a partner)
3 Shuttle Runs each
(with the remainder of the time)
AMRAP Toes to Bar
(one partner holds a handstand while the other accumulates T2B)

'Weight' Goes Up Must Come Down

Crafty workout from Josh where the dumbbell thruster weight started heavy, but went down every three minutes and the prowler weight started pretty light and went up every three minutes.

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Teams of Four - 18 minute AMRAP

Burpee broad jump 10 meters (remember number of reps needed)

Complete the number of reps it took to broad jump 10 meters of KBSs (53/70) and dumbbell thrusters (Starting weight 45's/60's)*.

Complete one prowler push (starting weight 50 #'s)**, teammates can help push.

* Thruster dumbell weights decrease 5 pounds every 3 minutes

** Prowler weight increases 50 pounds every 3 minutes

Team score is total number of prowler rounds completed.