Bearing Fruit

We've put a lot of work in the recent past on kip positioning for pull up bar movements.  It's great to see that time we've spent paying off in workouts. 
Here's a video from Tuesdays workout, where Kim and Carmen are still looking super solid deep into the last round!

Memorial Day schedule:
7am - 8:30am - 10am - 4:30pm
Plan on giving yourself 90 minutes for class on Monday.
If you're going Rx or are planning on doing a lot of pull ups, bring hand protection!
We'll see you there!


3 x 3 Shoulder Press

100 reps of double under
21 reps of push press at 40/30 lb
30 reps of ghd sit-up
75 reps of double under
15 reps of push press
25 reps of ghd sit-up
50 reps of double under
9 reps of push press
20 reps of ghd sit-up