Sometimes we meet the standard of a movement, but don’t work towards it’s full potential.
The dip is great example of that. Usually the standard for a dip is “shoulder below the elbow”. Many of us could achieve that standard without really moving our center of mass. While this is still hard, it’s not doing a dip to it’s full potential.
Here’s what I mean; some of the reason we do dips is to strengthen our muscle ups (or chances of getting a muscle up). Visualize where your hips are when you “catch” in a muscle up—at the bottom of the dip. For most people your hips are below the rings (unless you can do an uprise). So in order to strengthen our potential, and the full potential of a movement, we have to choose to not just meet the standard, but exceed it.
Here is Elizabeth showing the true full range of movement (and potential) of a dip.



5 Rounds:
Every 5 Minutes:
300m Run
15 KBS (70/53#)
15 Dips