Shoulder Shifts

We practiced a newer skill in class today; shoulder shifts.
Shoulder taps are fun and can be challenging, but a TRUE shoulder shift, done under control, is very challenging. Grayson was doing a great job of shifting his hips and legs to one side and getting most all of his weight in one hand today. Really impressive how slow and controlled he is here.


3 Rounds:
30 Pull Ups
20 Triple Unders OR 100 Double Unders

Glory Days

Speaking of gritty… one of the grittiest AND most glorious ladies I know was standing on top of the podium at the Glory Days competition in Folsom, CA this past Saturday. Collette is definitely a wonderful example of “grit” and what you can accomplish when you’re passionate and persistent.
There’s another familiar face on the podium next to her… congrats to Bonnie Darrah as well on her 3rd place finish!!

glory days.jpg


With a partner:
15 minute AMRAP calorie row, one person rowing at a time.
Once some calories have been rowed the partner not rowing can be bank the calories with one rep/calorie of any of the three following movements:
Bench press (105/155),
Wtd. step up (25/35 # db's) 20"/24", or
KBSs (53/70)
At the 15 minute mark teams must stop rowing but have an additional 5 minutes to bank any calories remaining, both working at the same time.
Their score is reps completed, which cannot exceed calories rowed.