Super Stars

The goal today was to work up to one heavy hang power snatch… with rock star form. Pretend the Oly judges are out there, giving out white or red flags.
Two athletes that not only had rock star form, but also PR lifts were Grayson and Christian!!


15 Minutes to Build to a heavy Hang Power Snatch

7 Minute Ladder:
2 CTB Pull Ups
2 Box Jumps (24/20”)
2 Burpees
4/4/4, 6/6/6, 8/8/8, etc.
Rest 3 Minutes
7 Minute Ladder:
2 T2B
2 Air Squats
2 Double Unders
4/4/4, 6/6/6, 8/8/8. etc

Sparky and El Jefe

Cover Photo: Jeff was looking very comfortable during today’s split stance good mornings>
Video: Today’s workout involved cycling a light to moderate barbell. No surprise how smooth and effortless Sparky made it look.


3 Rounds:
8 Split Stance Good Mornings/side
8 Seated DB Seesaw Press/side
:20 Side Plank/side

800m Run
15 Hang Power Clean and Jerk (95/65#)
800m Run
12 Hang Power Clean and Jerk
800m Run
9 Hang Power Clean and Jerk