Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Happy 75th Birthday to Rosemary!!
For years now, Rosemary has been a constant inspiration to me of physical ability, mental acuity, generous spirit and witty humor. She is a guaranteed smile and always good for a thoughtful and/or funny conversation. I look forward to many more years of her inspiration!



5 Sets:
2 Back Squat @ 333x tempo
8 Double KB Pendlay Row

3 Rounds:
10 Bar MU
75 Air Squats
750m Row

UB Sets

Grayson about to start an unbroken set of double unders while Marshall chips away at some weighted lunges.


Tomorrow’s New Movement:
Double KB Pendlay Row


Teams of 3. For time:
3:00 minutes, as many sets of 5 unbroken shoulder press (65/95) as possible, one person working at a time.
Then 3 minutes accumulated row time with 500 split time below 1:30/1:45, one rowing at a time.
100 weighted lunges (65/95) one person on the barbell at a time.
100 Power cleans (95/135) one person on the barbell at a time.
Additionally, each team must complete one unbroken set of double unders for each of the following rep schemes: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100, which can be attempted at any time during the workout.
The score is the total time to complete and number of sets of press completed.