I posted recently about how Angelo has been diligent with the accessory work we’ve been doing AND is always striving to learn and grow—even if the growth is slow. This morning he got his first ring muscle ups (with a tiny spot from Perry) at 50 years old!!!
I am continually so impressed by Angelo—not by his accomplishments as much as his dedication to the process.


4 Rounds:
6-8 DB Bench Press (Alternating)
10-12 DB Lat Pull Over

10 Minute AMRAP:
3 Ring MU
9 Cal Ski, Row or Bike
Rest 2 Minutes
8 Minute AMRAP:
200m Run
10 Pull Ups
25 Double Unders

The Power Monkey Open Announcement

Annie’s on her way to Power Monkey Camp for The Open announcement. Did you know The 2019 Open starts this week with the announcement of the first workout this Thursday night? If you want to support Annie and the Power Monkey crew, be sure to tune in this Thursday night and check out all the action!


5 Sets:
Work up to a tough double Front Squat in the 5 sets
Work up to a 1RM weighted Chin Up in the 5 sets

80 Bar Facing Burpees
60 OHS (95/65#)
1 Mile run