Wade's Army

Kelly Greco and the Well Foods Co. primary charity event this year is Wade's Army, a workout to fight Neuroblastoma, a deadly pediatric cancer.   CSCC will be donating and holding the workout November 12th. Donations of $30.00 get a Wade's Army T-shirt AND a Well Food Co. Beef Jerky pack, but must be received by Oct. 14th ONLY IF you want to have the shirt by the day of the event (Nov. 12th). Otherwise you can donate at any time and still receive a shirt afterwards. 

Here is a nice writeup by John Welbourn of Well Foods Co. and Crossfit Footbal with a little bit about the cause and the workout:  http://johnwelbourn.powerathletehq.com/2013/09/08/2nd-annual-wades-army/

 Here is the link for donations:  http://www.stayclassy.org/events/wades-army/e26968 

Here is that lovely little lady right here, Happy Birthday Kelly! 

2013-10-11 09.05.17.jpg
2013-10-11 09.05.55.jpg


1RM Clean

30 Clean Thrusters (95/135#) for time