Some Sweet Sunday Team Action


Congeal into groups of three.  To start, two of the three people will alternate rowing 100 meters using one rowing machine until a total of 600 m has been rowed (three 100-m rows each).   During each 100 m row, the third person will complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of one of the following three movements: Wall balls (14/20#), box jumps (20/24”), and kettle bell swings (35/53#), then rotate to a new movement each time a 100 m row is finished, only working while a rower is working and resting during the row transitions.  After 600 meters has been rowed, the three people will rotate stations.  One of the previous rowers will end up rowing a second set, while the person doing the AMRAP will move to the rower.  The groups will go through two full rotations, each rowing four sets and completing two AMRAPS.  Each person has an individual score of total reps completed during the two AMRAPs.  The two people rowing should try to finish their rows and transitions as quickly as possible to limit the third person’s work period and rest, thus ensuring their own inevitable victory in the scoring battle.