Ambassador of Aloha

I hope you have all had the pleasure of working out with Flo, or at least just being around when she is around. Flo is one of the hardest working folks in our gym, but even more importantly she is one of the most thoughtful and gracious people in the gym. She is the first person to introduce herself to someone new and always makes a sincere effort to make them feel welcome. She represents CFSCC so well. We love you, Flo. Happy Birthday!!



3 Rounds: 21 KBS (35/53#) 15 Box Jump (20/24in)
200 meter medball run (14/20#)
3 Rounds: 15 Hip Extension 21 Medball Sit ups (8/10#)
200 meter medball run
3 Rounds: 15 Wall Ball (20/30#) 1 Rope Climb

30 burpees