In The Zone

Look at that morning sky!  One nice thing about this time of year and the cold mornings is the 6am sky.  Here's Stacy about to pull, or as we talked about it today push, some weight with a great backdrop.

photo (14).JPG

There are some movements in Crossfit where certain people are able to just find their "zone".  In other words you might say so and so was made to (fill in the blank).  Isaac's overhead squat, Sarah's double unders, Dan when he runs, Kelly's clean and here you have Mallory looking right at home on her box jumps.


Deadlift up to heavy set of 5

Running clock:
1K row for time
At 7 minute mark start 12 minute EMOM alternating SDHP (65/95# - even minutes) and Box Jumps (20/24in - odd minutes)
*approach EMOM like "low score" tabata.  Choose a rep number for both movements at the beginning.  Your score at the end is the LOW score in whatever round.  For example if you went with 10 SDHP and 10 Box jumps for 10 minutes but then got 8 of both on the last round, your score would be 8 for the box jump and SDHP.  Just like tabata, that also means you never have to get more than your lowest score.