Separate the class into two teams.  Each team will have five stations: Thrusters (65/95), med-ball cleans (20/30), GHD sit ups, push ups, and ring rows.  Half of each team is allowed in the gym at one time, the other half is waiting outside in a line.  Those inside do one set of 15 reps at one of the stations then tag the first person in line, allowing them to enter the gym and do one set.  To get back in line the people that just finished a set either do a 70 foot farmer's carry (25 # plates, 35 # kettlebells, or 35 # dumbbells) or push a weighted sled (140#) 50 feet.  Teammates continue rotating into the gym until each person has done 3 sets of 15 reps at each of the five stations.  If one team member finishes before others, they can do sets for those that are not finished.  The score is the total time it takes for all the sets to be completed by the entire team.