We can't say enough about this man.  As a lot of you probably already know, getting to this "knee-through elbow" position is no easy task.  There is a tremendous amount of force that has to be generated in order displace your hips and center of mass that far.  Look at where Alan's hips are at the end here, and picture where they were when he started. 
Center of mass (can think about it as your hips) displacement is interesting to observe when people are doing "gymnastic" movements.  In a box jump for example, is the person really generating a lot of force to move their center of mass upwards, or are they mostly pulling their knees up to get their feet on the box?  It's not a bad thing or right or wrong, it's just interesting to observe.  It also makes jumping and landing on a high box almost straight legged that much more impressive, understanding how much more force is required there.  Test it out, can you jump on your "regular" box and land close to straight-legged?  Does it feel like you have to generate more power to do that?

photo (29).JPG


3 Rounds:
5 Bench into Max Effort "Knee Through Elbow"

EMOM Alternating for 14 minutes:
12 Burpee Pull Up
15 Box Jump (24/30in)