Central Action Shot

Here's a photo of what the gym felt like this morning.  This is a shot of last Monday's spin on Cindy.

2013-10-28 08.46.42 (2).jpg

We had a visitor from the gym today who was nice enough to give away some of her delicious nut butter.  I just opened a jar and let me tell you, it is fantastic!   Check this product out and more at:

photo (22).JPG

If you haven't yet signed up for WODTogether PLEASE do so. Even if you don't want to use the software to help track your workouts and other fitness data, we need to be able to track you! This will be our new system for logging everyone that attends our classes so it is IMPERATIVE that we have you all in there. You'll never need to do another thing if you don't want once you sign up. Unless of course you want to use it for paying online....  


90 seconds at each movement:
Pass Through
Toe To Bar
Box Jump
Rope Climb
*Record reps and complete number of reps plus one 400 meter run for time.