Here are some group shots from this morning's Turkey Trot workout. It was such a fun morning with our immediate and extended family. The first shot is the 7:30 class, and then Team Marshall's Mashed Potatoes, and then Team Guajolote. The fourth shot is the 9am crew (check out how hard everyone is laughing) and it's teams; Team Sweaty Gobbler and Team Turkey Slayers. Lastly, is Team Selfie.

Jim, Helene, Gary and I cannot thank you all enough for making our gym the BEST place to come to work to every day. We are eternally grateful to you all today and every day. 



Team A: Run a Caldwell Loop with three 14# "turkeys" and three 20# "turkeys". 
Team B: AMRAP in the time it takes Team A to run Caldwell Loop of:
             21 Ball Slams
             15 DB Thrusters
             2 Rope Climbs

Switch and then repeat with an Alley Loop