It's The Mayor-Mindy Sho!

Happy Birthday Marshall Delk, aka Big M., aka Mayor Marshall.  Here he is with the Affiliate Cup Masters team.
Also, Happy Birthday to Mindy Yaninek and Shoshana Coplan!

2013-10-13 16.41.13.jpg

Check "schedule" and then "programming cycle" for this weeks workouts, posted in WODTogether!


Three parts with a partner: 

1. 12 minutes to establish a max weight for the following barbell complex: 4 front squats, four front rack lunges, four shoulder press.  Starting weight is a barbell and weight can be increased a maximum of 10 pounds per attempt.  Partners alternate attempts and the score is both partners max weights combined.

2. 8 minutes to row 1000 meters between two partners.  The distance can be divided into whatever increments they want.  The score is the time elapsed while rowing. 

3. 4 minutes to establish max reps of double unders for 10 and 20 second work periods.  They can make as many attempts to better their score as they want during the 4 minutes.  Score is the combined max reps for 10 seconds and combined max reps for twenty seconds.