5 Hundo Club

That man can still pull, no plans on leaving the 500 club.  Here Skip is at 505 pounds. 

Shout out to all the hard-working "PR-ers" today.  Priscilla Dunbar with 240# (WOW) comes to mind.  Nice work everyone!

Kelly Greco and the Well Foods Co. primary charity event this year is Wade's Army, a workout to fight Neuroblastoma, a deadly pediatric cancer.   CSCC will be donating and holding the workout November 12th. Donations of $30.00 get a Wade's Army T-shirt AND a Well Food Co. Beef Jerky pack. 

Here is a nice writeup by John Welbourn of Well Foods Co. and Crossfit Footbal with a little bit about the cause and the workout:  http://johnwelbourn.powerathletehq.com/2013/09/08/2nd-annual-wades-army/

 Here is the link for donations:  http://www.stayclassy.org/events/wades-army/e26968


Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1

1 minute On - 1 minute Off:
3 Rouds of each:
Rope Climb
Ball Slam
Row (meters) 
*score total rope climb reps, ball slam reps and meters rowed