The level of dedication of our clients never ceases to amaze me. There were 19 people in this morning's 7am class. That's 7am, on a Saturday morning, when most are either still in bed, or at least still in pajamas. Most of these folks were there 10 minutes before 7, excited and ready to go. It's always humbling and inspiring to see what so many of you CHOOSE to do.  



You know me, I'm quirky and have funny likes. I just love this image of Baldo, Robert and Lindy. Not totally sure why. Maybe it's because they all have that look of having worked really hard, and are reveling in what they've done. Maybe it's that early morning light that hits the gym right around 8am. Or maybe it's just that I love Baldo, Rigo and Lindy. Whatever it is, I really like this shot and had to share it. 




15 minute AMRAP: 
400m Run
4 Rounds of:
2 Weighted Walking Lunges (25#/35# DB's)
2 Hang Cleans
2 Front Rack Lunges

Rest 2 minutes

Pull Ups: 20-16-12-8-4
Burpees: 18-14-10-6-2