Yellow V-Neck Sweater

Sometimes the toughest part of the workout is figuring out your score at the end. It often involves some addition, multiplication, fractions and combining kilos with pounds. Josh put a cool twist on the workout today by seeing who in the group could memorize a list of random items and then repeat them back, in order, after the workout. Did anyone do it?......



With a partner for time:
200 wall balls, 200 kettle bell swings, and 100 partner med ball sit ups.  One partner working at a time.  If the med ball or kettle bell touches the ground, or if someone has to stop to rest, both partners must push a weighted sled 50 feet before resuming work. 

Bonus mental cookie:  I gave the class three minutes to memorize a list of ten random items before the workout then quizzed them after the workout to see how many they could recall in order.

CFSCC Holiday party: December 13th at the Point Chophouse