Here's a little video of Larisa, Beth, H.P., and Terry getting there moneys worth!


Six 3-minute rounds with one minute of rest between them.  Rotate after each round between three separate stations, each containing four movements (2 rounds per station by the finish). During the rounds progress as far as you can up a rep ladder, adding one rep each rung, starting with one rep.  Each rung you can choose one of any of the four movements at that station, but not do consecutive rungs of the same movement.  The stations consist of the following movements:
Station 1 - Barbell (53/75) - front squat, shoulder to overhead, hang power clean, or bench press.
Station 2 - Bodyweight - pull up, push up, squat, or knees to elbows
Station 3 - Equipment - kettlebell swing, double unders, row (cal), or prowler (each rep a five foot long traverse).
Score is the sum of the highest rungs completed over all six rounds.