This father-son duo of Chase (son) and Doug has been a great new edition to the gym.  They work hard and have great energy.  Here's a couple shots of those two from Saturday.  First one is Chase getting to a solid bottom position in the back-rack lunge, while in the second shot (click the photo) his Dad puts himself in a great "prep" spot for a hang power clean.


For time with teams of 3:
To start, teams complete as many reps of bench press (85/135#) as they can in four minutes (the total reps will be used later to calculate future work) each team using one bench.  Everyone runs 1 mile, then as a team complete a calculated number of reps (200 reps - the total reps completed bench pressing) of wall balls, GHD sit ups, and pull ups. Ex., if a team completed 90 reps of bench press they would do 110 reps (200-90) of wall balls, 110 reps of sit ups, and 110 reps of pull ups.

Holiday Schedule
-Monday 12/30 no 7pm
-Tuesday 12/31: all am classes and 4pm ONLY
-Wednesday 1/1: 10am ONLY