This video is a good demonstration of one of the many brilliant parts of Crossfit.  Today "L-sit Rope Climb" was the prescribed gymnastic skill.  How that could be interpreted is a challenging version of the rope climb, whatever it may be that is appropriate for the individual.  Here Cyrus takes on the L-sit itself, while Alison works her no-footed rope climb and Lesley in the back tries for the classic climb using her feet.  They may not have all done the exact same movement, but they were equal in their effort, that's the key.

Bonus footage of Raeid's first rope climb.  We can be sure there are more where those came from! 


5 L-sit Rope Climbs (15ft) 

15 minutes AMRAP:
6 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
14 Lunges