We all know even in a relatively good lift, some things can go wrong.  Having the awareness of what it is that went wrong and also (maybe more importantly) what to do about it is crucial.  Catching weight in a clean is a pretty difficult movement.  Keeping good positions in the front squat is hard enough slow and controlled out of a rack.  The clean is way more dynamic and demands a lot more athleticism (coordination, agility, balance etc.).  The first photo here shows Priscilla, aka P, catch her clean in not the ideal spot she was probably looking for.  Her elbows have dropped a tad and you see the bar wanting to go with gravity to the ground.  


Priscilla was aware of this and instead of just trying to stand from that position, she made the quick decision to drive her elbows up out of the bottom, which in turn moved the bar back to a much more efficient and effective spot to stand the weight up.  Outstanding job!



Weighted Sit Up 3 x 15
Weighted Hip Extension 3 x 15

4 Rounds:
9 Front Squat (105/155#)
15 Pull Up
21 Kettlebell Swing (35/53#)