It's A Race!

Nothing like a creative race to add to the fun of your workout!

20 minute running clock:

Buy in - 5 shoulder press (60/95), 10 weighted sit ups (20/30), 10 ring rows. 

After the buy in head over to the first open rower out of two pairs.  If all are occupied wait for the first available rower.  Once the paired rower next to you is occupied and both people are set up, start a race.  Men row to 125 meters, women 100m. The race continues off the rowers into a suicide sprint to the first line and back about 6 feet away.  After the race both participants do the buy in again and wait for the first open rower to race again.  The winner of the previous heat now has to do two lines of suicide sprints and the loser does one again after the row.  The winner will add another line to the next race, the loser will repeat the previous distance.  The score is the number of lines of suicides you end up at after 20 minutes.

Daun Wallace taking in the Tahoe air at the top of Heavenly

south lake 013-1.JPG