Take Flight!

This a great shot of what it means to be "loaded" in Crossfit.  Angie's put herself in a nice position here to recruit some posterior chain for her jump.  Back is tight, shins are at a good angle, weight is back, not to mention those arms are going to give her a ton of momentum coming through her extension.  She's ready to fire! 


As you'd expect coming from that great loaded position, Angie has taken flight! 



8 minute Cap: 1500 meter Row
8 minute Cap: 1200 meter Run
6  minute Cap: 1000 meter Row
6 minute Cap: 800 meter Run
4 minute Cap: 500 meter Row
4 minute Cap: 400 meter Run
2 minute Cap: 250 meter Row
2 minute Cap: 200 meter Run
*The next round starts right at that cap time.  For example if it takes you 4 minutes to row 1500 meters, you'll then have 4 minutes of rest until you start the 1200 meter run.  If it takes you 7:59 to row 1500 meters, you'll then have 1 second to rest before you start your 1200 meter run.