Notice Arthur and Stephanie's footwork here in the power clean, both landing super solid with authority.  In an attempt to have someone move like Arthur and Stephanie here, a common cue that is used is let me hear your feet!  We have seen that cue have good results, but we've also seen people over emphasize that cue and end up "donkey kicking."  "Donkey kicking" is where you pull your heels up nice and fast through extension and slam them down as hard as poossible to make that sound the coach is cueing you on.  It serves no prurpose to have your feet flying in the air that high and is actually counterproductive.

At the same time though, we do not want an individual to be "glued" to the ground, where they extend a little or not at all through the ankle and complete a soft land with no sound.  By being glued or stuck to the ground here, you tend to lose the "release" under the bar, that point at which all of the force has been imparted on the bar and it's time for you to have faith and get your butt down.  Being glued leaves you, maybe only for a split second, at the top in extension with the bar and now unable to retreat.  The goal is to instead leave the bar at its apex while you get under it, that's what we mean by release.  With any effective release, you will hear your feet.  Can you hear your feet when you clean or snatch?  Check it out next time we clean, which I think is Monday!

The lifting shoes help Arthur to demonstrate the idea here, looking solid Arthur! 

WhaBam!  Stephanie demonstrates exactly what we mean by release! 


Nice set of elbows Marcus! 



5 rounds: 5 Cleans every 2 minutes

5 rounds:

7 Deadlifts (using Clean weight)

14 Wall Balls (20/14#)