Power Prep

We had Kelly try a new technique today in her prep for the hang snatch and hang power snatch.  You see here how she initiates the prep by bending just the knees, putting her in the "power position" before she loads the posterior chain by moving through the hip.  
One of the reasons for this is because you want to get to that power position in the snatch.  So the idea is that if you hit that position in the prep, you will be more likely to hit it on the way up through the extension.  Same idea behind deadlift + lift.
Kelly also noted how much more powerful she felt when prepping the hang snatch like this and also how it felt like a lot less stress on her back.  If you think about it, both those things make sense.  Very little knee bend in the prep (just moving through the hip), you may get more than necessary tension through the hamstring which can irritate the back.  Also with that small knee flexion, you aren't putting your legs in an effective position to generate force, i.e. you need some flexion for extension.  With a little more movement through the knee, potentially more power can be generated, maybe what Kelly was feeling.  Interesting stuff, nice job Kelly!


Here is that prep "power position." 



5 Rounds: 2 Hang Snatch every 2 minutes

5 Rounds: 
:30 to get 5 Hang Power Snatch (115#/83#)
:30 Max Double Unders
1:00 Rest

10 minute AMRAP:
10 OHS (115#/83#)
200m Run