Fish Oil, Again?

Some more very interesting information has come out recently regarding fish oil and it's relationship to prostate cancer.

A nice big picture perspective here regarding the issue from the Fox News medical correspondent.  With the point of view that you have to approach these things as your own individual case and circumstance, there are no easy answers or one size fits all.  If possible you should try to get everything through your food, no supplements.


I also like Rob Wolff’s summary as well, “Maintain some perspective. For me life is about mitigating risks…trying to find the best ROI (return on investment) I can on happiness, meaningful work, etc. I’m pretty sure eating something akin to a paleo diet, smart exercise, community, lots of love are our best hedges against the unknowns of things like cancer. Is it a 100% “get out of Jail Free Card?” No, nothing is a guarantee, but there are better and worse bets.”  Click on the link to the right to read his whole response tho these recent findings.


Mary Connover, who actually sent us this new information, had a great take on the matter as well, "When someone publishes warning studies (although observational epidemiology only) and an M.D. speaks urgently to men about hi grade prostate cancer, my response will be to protect my loved ones from even the remote possibility.  It is prudent to discontinue the fish oil while awaiting double blind randomized control trials -- probably real soon.  Not so much to ask and no damage done. 


3 Rounds:
4 minute AMRAP:
5 Bench
10 calorie row
15 KBS
400 meter run
4 minute rest