It's All Relative

Baldo ended his half marathon this morning with a 1K sprint!  As you can see here by that end 500 meter split time!  You can also see Skip and Kim in the background finishing up their half marathon.

Interesting conversation... Lacee Kovacs performed one thousand muscle ups in a workout, that's right, no typo.  ONE THREE ZEROS muscle ups!  Yeah over 8 hours, may lose some intensity there, but hopefully you know or you'll know in a second that's not the point.  The man he beat at the Europe regional this year also completed one thousand burpees for time in a workout a couple years ago, Miko Salo.  

This amount of volume I don't believe Lacee, Miko or even Baldo would recommend for anyone.  A beneficial idea here is relativity.  Ask Lacee to do 30 muscle ups for time and he'll smile.  Ask Miko to do 100 burpees for time and he'll laugh at you.  Baldo joins the conversation, a 5K doesn't sound that bad anymore.  It's all relative.