One of the things Eric was working on today in the clean was his feet.  A few of his warm ups sets you could see he was staying a little too "glued" to the ground which wasn't allowing him to have that quick release under the bar.  Literally one cue later and he was not only faster under the bar, his extension was more explosive.  Here he is on one of those better looking sets.   Yeah, a little early arm action there, but can't expect to do it all in one day.  A lot of progress, nice work Eric!

Here is a really really good article from the Catalyst Athletics blog.  The overarching idea in the article could and should be applied to anything training. 




20 minutes - work up to a heavy set:
1 Deadlift
1 Power Clean
1 Clean

2 minute AMRAP:
8 One-arm Kettlebell step ups
12 KBS (35/53#)
16 Box Jumps (20/24in)