What's Your Favorite Type Of Workout?

Today the Sunday group did a partner workout.  A lot of people in our gym love partner and team workouts.  What's your favorite kind of workout?  Short?  Long? Heavy?  Here is Jill & Kari and Mike & Jeremy getting it done in todays partner workout. 



3x: 2 Rope Climbs 15 Ball Slam (20/30#)
Farmer Carry (35/50#) and Waiter Walk (25/45#) 60 meters
3x: 15 Kettlebell Swing (35/53#) 15 Push Up
Farmer Carry and Waiter Walk 30 meters
3x: 15 Pass Through 15 Sit Up
Farmer Carry and Waiter Walk 30 meters
3x: 250 meter Row & 200 meter Run
* Partner workout, each person on different movements.  Can only switch when the last person finishes their movement.
* Each person will have done all of the work listed above
* Complete waiter walk and farmer carry however you like


CSCC travels well, from Montana with Priscilla.  We miss you P!