If you've ever been out of training because of sickness, a long vacation, an injury or what have you, you may have had the thought "I'm so out of shape, it's going to take forever to get back where I was."  If you've said this in the gym, chances are you've heard about or seen the graph on training, de-training and re-training.  In summary, after a phase of de-training, the time it takes to get back to your level of capacity before the de-training, i.e. re-training, is significantly less time then the original training phase.  Make sense?  To understand this idea a little more, I highly recommend checking out Mary Conover's article "Strength Gained Can Be Long Lived" under "Articles Of Interest."  Pretty neat discovery.

Here's a throwback of Mrs. Greco is some phase of training. 

photo (7).JPG


3 x 10 Glute-Ham Raise
Tabata "tuck up" (hollow hold sit up, meet chest to knees at top) 

3 Rds: 10 DB Deadlift (45/60#) 15 Push Up
40 meter Farmer Carry
30 Wall Ball (14/20#)
40 meter Farmer Carry
30 Wall Ball
40 meter Farmer Carry
3 Rds: 15 Deadlift 10 DB Deadlift

Saturday September 7th we are having a BBQ at the gym.  The gym will be providing the main protein, and lots of it, most likely tri-tip.  Please feel free to bring a dish to share and something to drink. Starts at 1pm, see you there!