So Long, Farewell

Instant classic!  Connor's last workout on Saturday before returning to school.  It's been great having you around buddy, we'll all miss you and see you soon for the Affiliate Cup! 

2013-09-14 12.03.17.jpg

Some action from the workout today. 


15 minute running clock with a partner:

Each team member completes a buy in of: 7 reps of thruster (65/95), 7 reps of KBS (53/70), then 10 reps of med-ball sit ups (10/12). The buy in earns each teammate 30 seconds to get as many reps of bench press (45/64) as possible.  Then both complete the buy in again to earn 30 seconds each to get as many reps as possible of lateral floor touches.  Continue alternating between bench press and lateral floor touches after buy ins for 15 minutes.  The score is the total number of bench press and floor touches of both team members combined.