Steph V and P

A big Happy Birthday to this lovely lady! 


This quick video of Priscilla completing two hang power snatches actually has a nice little storyline in it.  Do you see why Annie goes with that coaching cue after the first rep? Can you see the difference between the first lift and the second lift?

On the first lift Priscilla pulled with her arms a little too early.  She made the adjustment to keep her arms straighter longer on the second attempt and the bar flies up!  Great cue + great adjustment = great lift!


7 x 2 Hang Power Snatch - 60s rest

Running Clock:
10 minute clock:
1 mile run
7 minute clock:
800 meter run
4 minute clock:
400 meter run
2 minute clock:
200 meter run
*Running clock.  Example:  8 minutes to run a mile, rest 2 minutes before you start the 800 meter run.  It takes 4 minutes to run 800 meters, rest 3 minutes before the 400 meter run, and so on.