One cool thing about Crossfit is that it can challenge anyone on any level.  Rope work provides a great opportunity for that.  You may have some people working lowering themselves down from a standing position, you could have another person trying to climb the rope and maybe there's someone doing an Lsit rope climb as Dan is in the photo below.  The cool thing is everyone is challenging themselves in their own appropriate/relative way.  The specific movement may look different, but the effort inside or the level of "trying" is the same, and that's all that matters.

photo (44).JPG


3 Rounds:
2 Challengin Rope Climbs
1 minute max effort: HSPU

3 rounds:
3 times through couplet: 3 Deadlift (185/275#) 6 Burpee
10 shuttle runs (10 meter turn around)
3 Deadlift
6 Burpee
10 Shuttle run