Even with all his time wrapped up right now he still comes up with a cool new move, the one-arm db snatch man-eater.  
Born January 4th, here's Gideon Blake East, congrats Josh and Amy!



20 minute running clock - row for max calories in 30 second intervals.
Buy in before each row: 6 reps (3 each side) of a 1 arm dumbbell (30/45#) complex (push up with one hand on dumbbell, 1-arm row, burpee to 1-arm power snatch). See video.
In addition to calories accumulated on the rower, bonus calories can be accrued by completing sit ups (3 sit-ups equal 1 calorie). Athletes are limited to one 30-second row interval, and/or 30 sit-ups (10 cal.) per buy in.