Don't Let It Slide

We emphasized the dip position today in the push press.  More specifically, making sure the bar does not "slide" as you dip or especially when you drive.  Maintaining the bar position, not letting it drift down your chest is crucial for push pressing heavy weight.  The tiniest bit the bar slides down your body, exponentially more force has to be generated to accomplish the same lift.
Some good push presses in this video.  Feel free to fast forward to the 2:16 mark to see one example of good bar position and path on the dip and drive.


Work up to heavy set in 15 minutes:
2 Cleans
3 Push Press

DB Deadlift (30/40#)
DB Hang Power Clean
DB Thruster
*3 rope climbs between the rounds of 21 & 15 and rounds 15 & 9.