Impressive, Outstanding, Incredible

Sorry folks, the website took the weekend off, but this weekend was not an "off time" by any stretch of the imagination. It was the fourth annual Norcal Masters competiion up in Richmond, and wow, what a weekend it was!   We had 9 representatives compete, John Kane, Marshall Delk, Priscilla Dunbar, Larisa Mancini, Scott Greco, Kelly Greco, Sarah Walls, Kim Saxton and Skip Hanson, five of whom made the podium in their respective divisions!  More than the great results though, we were so impressed all weekend by the effort, focus and sportsmanship our Central family competed with.  Each one of you guys was incredible the entire weekend, absolutely incredible.  Thank you for flying the Central flag so beautifully and with such class.
We have to also send a big shout out to all the Central supporters who made the trek up this weekend, especially Steph L., Stacy, Hailey and Chelsea who were there every step of the way helping out and cheering everyone on for roughly 20 hours of competition in two days!  
So many great moments, but instead of me writing about these moments, I'll ask the competitors and whoever else attended the event, what was a highlight for you?  
Here's a couple group shots from Friday after day 1.  First photo is shared with our neighbors Crossfit Ready.  It was really great to hangout with them and watch them compete throughout the weekend.  Our gyms, I think, represented Santa Cruz Crossfit outstandingly!


3 Rounds of the following:
6 rounds of 1 minute of work and 30 seconds of rest.  Begin by completing 25 reps of the first of five movements (each movement is more difficult than the previous).  If you complete 25 reps in 60 seconds you move on to 25 reps of the second movement during the second round.  If you did not finish the 25 reps then attempt five fewer reps (20) of the first movement during the second round. Any time you achieve the target goal of a movement you move on to the next movement at the same rep goal, while any time you do not achieve the target you stay at the same movement but at a goal of 5 fewer reps for the next round. Movements for each of the three parts, in order, are as follows:
Part 1: Push press (all barbell movements are Rx. at 33/65#), wall ball (14/20#), push up, thruster, and shoulder press.
Part 2: Air squat, jumping air squat, back squat (33/65), front squat, overhead squat.
Part 3: Ankles to stick (leg lifts), Abmat situps, star situps, GHD situps, toes to bar.