Pat On The Back

There is an interesting general dynamic that can be seen in Crossfit, for which it is good to keep some perspective.  That is, you sometimes get lost in your progress and forget how difficult some of the stuff you are doing is, or how far you have come.  That can lead to not giving yourself enough or any credit in some instances.  
What made me think of this was that we had one of the strongest people in our gym comment on how weak his push press is (he was 3-repping over two hundred pounds).  If you take a step back, anyone in their right mind would never claim he had a weak push press, but rather an incredibly strong one.  He seemed to get a little down about it and I thought to, but didn't get the chance to share this perspective.  
I don't think Robert would be down on himself this morning after he got his first ever chest-to-bar pull up, but I hope he gave himself a good pat on the back, not only for how impressive it is to perform that movement, but more for how far he has come.  So go ahead, slow down a bit, take a step back and give yourself a little pat on the back for all your effort, you deserve it!


3 Rounds:
2 rds: 5 Bar Muscle Ups & 5 Push Press (105/155#)
400 meter run