Go Lighter, Go Heavier


One minute of work at a lighter/lower weight/height than usual, one minute of rest, then two minutes of work at a heavier/higher weight than usual of the following movements with prescribed upper and lower values: Wall balls (men 14/20) (women (10/16), box jumps (men 20"/30") (women 14"/24"), kettle bell swings (men 35/70)(women 26/44), gassers (men - no weight/35# dumbbells with) (women - no weight/25# dumbbells), ball slams (men 20/40) (women 15/30).   Rest one minute between movements.  The work during the 1 minute interval is meant to be done at a sprint.  The goal is to match the number of reps completed during the first minute during the 2 minute interval with more challenging equipment.  You are limited during the 2 minute interval to the max number of reps completed during the 1 minute interval.


Effective Feb 1st, EvaT and Tara Mucilli will be offering Strength and Technique classes at 7pm on Monday thru Thursday.  These classes will be open to anyone who would like to attend and will be included in the unlimited monthly membership. Punch cards or the standard drop in fee will also be accepted.  For those wondering, the difference between this class and the previous 7pm class is that this class will be dependent on Eva and Tara's schedules.  Class schedule each week will need to be confirmed with Eva directly at 831-428-8535 or skievat@mac.com for Monday's and Wednesday's, and Tara at 831-419-6974 or tgasti@sbcglobal.net for Tuesday's and Thursday's.   There will no longer be a general 7pm class, Monday thru Thursday, or a 6pm class on Fridays.  Late arrivals to the 6pm classes Monday thru Thursday, and the 5pm class on Friday will be happily accommodated.  
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.