Need A Ride?

Looks like Debbie did, what a Pal Marilyn is.

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12 min AMRAP with partner
Partner 1 holds plank or superman for 2 minutes.
Partner 2 performs as many DB weighted walking lunges as possible (25#,45#).  
Partners switch every 2 minutes.Score = total  number of lunges performed 

2 minute Rest

12 minute AMRAP with partner
Partner 1 pushes Prowler (135#, 185#) +  teammate aboard one length.
Partner 2 exits prowler and begins waiter walk (25#,45#) to ivy, runs to 200m turn around, waiter walks back.
Partner 1 continues to push as many prowler pushes as possible until Partner 2 returns back to ride prowler to start.  Partners switch.
Score = total number of prowler pushes.