Special Guest

Special guest Vijay Raj all the way from India!  Vijay has walked quite the path to get where he is today.  Thank you Rashmi for giving us this little backgroun on an incredible man.

"Vijay started Crossfit in 2010 at Crossfit Sri Ram Ashram, the first Crossfit affiliate in India. He has lived at Sri Ram Ashram since he was 8 years old. He learned much of his CF from watching videos of Annie and Eva from the original days of Crossfit. They were his teachers as was Jim Baker by proxy. Once he decided to not pursue a career in cricket (they were all out of shape and didn't work hard enough) he pursued Olympic Lifting in college where he was a state champion. He is the first and only Indian to qualify for the Asia Regionals CF Games (twice) and the only person from India on the Level 1 Seminar staff. In Feb 2014 he opened his own gym called Crossfit Life Performance in Gurgaon India."

We talk a lot in deadlifting about setting your back.  The next step after that, is setting your back while pulling or squeezing the bar, as to create a system of tension between you and the bar.  Vijay demonstrates that to perfection in the video below.


5 Rounds - EMOM:
1st minute:  Prowler Push
2nd minute:  15 Box Jumps (20/24in)
3rd minute:  Calorie row (15/12)