Open Up

Big tendency to rush the burpee and not fully open up or extend during the jump and clap.  Shawn shows us here a great extended finish position, some nice air under his feet and a legit clap at the top.

Partner Workout:

10 Rounds:
7 Pull Ups
15 DB Push Press (30/45lb)
Medball Lunge 100 meters (14/20lb)
Medball Run 1000 meters
Medball Lunge 100 meters 
10 Rounds:
9 Burpees
21 Air Squats
*One person working at a time.  Partner #1 goes through one round (7 pull ups and 15 DB Push Press) while partner #2 rests.  Alternate for 10 rounds total, 5 rounds each.  Same for burpee/air squat couplet
*One person lunges the ball while other person walks along, trade off whenever desired, ball must lunge 100 meters.
*Same with the run, trade off whenever desired, ball must travel 1000 meters.